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Benefits of Ceramic Pro


Ceramic Pro products exhibit the same characteristics found on many plants around the world, yielding extreme hydrophobicity and long-term protection.

UV Protection

The UV protection built inside of Ceramic Pro protects the paint, rubbers, and plastics against aging and fading colors. With Ceramic Pro your car will sustain that “brand new” appeal with minimal future maintenance.

Less Maintenance

Once cured, the coating gets very hydrophobic (water repellent); water rolls off the surface and grabs dirt and grime. This is known as the self-cleaning effect. Hand Washing will be extremely easy and the need for heavy detergents and chemicals are now, in most cases, obsolete.

Scratch and Scuff Resistance

Ceramic Pro brings strength to the table. This nano-ceramic coating can fortify any surface against scuffs and scratches. Even damage to the coating can be quickly and easily remedied.


Ceramic Pro has proven to be a perfect coating for surfaces exposed to expansion and deformation. The coating won’t crack or flake like acrylic sealants. This also allows Ceramic Pro to be applied to upholstery and roll-up enclosures.

Ultimate Gloss & Shine – Keep the Clean Look

Once coated with Ceramic Pro your car will stand out from all others. The shine and color depth on a Ceramic Pro coated vehicle is something to behold. Ceramic Pro, unlike wax, provides a permanent shine. The results are truly eye-catching.

Offering You The Best Ceramic Coating in Toronto for Your Car

High Gloss

Ceramic Pro is available in High Gloss finish that Exceeds OEM paint. This means your car will be glossier than the day you bought it.


Ceramic Pro is the most durable protective coating available for your car. Our products can not be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards.


Ceramic Pro is the most versatile coating on the planet. With its wide range of uses there is literally no surface on your car that can be left unprotected.


We provide proven warranties over “peace of mind” warranties because we believe your experience with Ceramic Pro should be the same on day one as years down the line.

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